Windows File Repair Software

How do you Repair Windows Files?

It is quite often that you come across corruption or damage in your Windows files. Files on Windows operating system are tough to keep intact in their original form and people use many types of software to safeguard their files. No matter how cautious one is, accidents may happen and take away your precious files. In such instances make use of file repair software to fix the corruption or damage issues involved in Windows files. This software is preferred over other third party applications that further damages the source file while repairing.

Before learning more about the software let’s go through some corruption scenarios of Windows files:

  • Virus Outbreak: Virus attack on your computer can ruin your files in a way’s you can’t even imagine. Viruses replicate themselves and spread to all the files stored on the device making them inaccessible. Internet is the main source for virus attack. Many hackers make use of web to spread hazardous virus, so they make a way into your system when you download some files from web. Sometimes when you connect any external storage device to virus infected computer for data transfer, there are many chances of external device getting infected by virus, since virus spread from one device to other device.

  • Operating System Crash: Operating system is the main component of the computer which manages all the activities of the system. File system management is one of the primary task of the operating system. The file system organizes the data on the hard disk in an efficient manner so that required file can be accessed quickly by using file pointers. The operating system crashes when you execute invalid instructions, attempt to access the other system resources for which the system denies access, frequent power fluctuations. If that happen so all the files stored on that hard drive gets corrupted leaving them completely unusable.

  • Header corruption: Header is the most vital part of the file as it contains information related to creation date of file, modification date, file access permissions etc. If the header gets corrupted then you may get the error messages when you attempt to access the file and they prevent you from accessing the file. Usually file header gets damaged from frequent power fluctuations when the file is in active mode or processing mode. Header corruption is commonly seen in all most all the file types like ZIP files, Word files, RAR files, video files, audio files etc. To know more details, click here

  • Application Malfunction: Improper installation of applications on Windows OS, which are necessary for operating the file, may severely corrupt the file. For example improper installation of Microsoft application can severely damage the PPT or PPTX files. In addition to this unauthorized alteration of the file permissions or file settings in the application by using corrupted or pirated versions of third party softwares damages the files.

  • Storage device corruption: File corruption happens most commonly when there is a hardware problem or bad sector on the storage device. Bad sectors are sectors on the hard drive that have become unusable or unreadable. Bad sectors may arise due to physical damage to the data storage device, cross linked files etc. You cannot read or access the files saved on to these sectors prior to damage. Sometimes you can read the content but read data will be incorrect because file residing on the bad sector will be severely damaged.

  • Changing the file format: Continuously changing the file format from one type to other manually without proper technical knowledge or by using corrupted third party applications may severely damage the file making it unusable.

These errors aren’t that uncommon in every day life but unfortunately Windows does not provide a tool to fix these files, not even the bits and pieces. Thanks to the file repair software which can fix most of the corrupted files with minimal possible effort. Powerful built in algorithms provided in this software has an ability to fix MS word 2010 document along with the documents of other lower versions of MS office namely 2007, 2003 and 2000 which prevent access to its contents due to severe damage. This read only software can quite easily repair AVI files, XVID and DIVX files by extracting the required information along with audio and video streams from the damaged file. Repairs audio and video streams separately and finally adjoins them to create meaningful video format. You can also repair corrupt ZIPX archive files that refuse to open on account of incomplete download due to errors in network connection and usage of pirated third party applications.

Precautionary measures to be followed in order to avoid corruption of files in future:

  • Always keep an updated back up copy of important files.
  • Use genuine antivirus application to avoid corruption from virus attack.
  • Use UPS to avoid sudden system shut down from power fluctuations.
  • Never install outdated third party applications on Windows OS.