Repair Microsoft Word 2010 DOCX Document

Want to fix Microsoft 2010 DOCX file that contains your important data?

One DOCX file is enough to keep you up for a whole night, just because; you have put all the efforts to prepare the entire document. The reason behind this may be anything that bothers you while editing or saving the DOCX file on MS Word 2010. You may be getting unwanted text in the DOCX file, Word file fails to load, Word application crash or the font might have changed automatically. Though you could not be able to make out the exact reason behind this, still you cannot be blamed for all these.

You must be lost in thoughts and assumptions. How am I going to fix it??? Have I lost my DOCX file forever!!! Did I need to recreate it??? I am sure; you must have assumed by this time that you lost the file forever. You must be preparing yourself to recreate the DOCX document.

However, all your assumptions are wrong. The DOCX file may be corrupted now, but still you can fix it. You don’t have to recreate it. So just hold your emotions. The DOCX files on MS Word 2010 may get corrupt due to various possible reasons. But you can still access them back, using DOCX File Repair Utility. This software can repair your precious Word file without recreating it.

Before you get to know something more about the software, just go though the possible reasons behind Word file corruption. Here we have mentioned some common Word files corruption scenarios faced by the users and their root causes.

  • Template Corruption: A template in the MS Word application is the style guide of the DOCX documents. It holds the macros, texts, keyboard shortcuts, formatting styles and many more. However, sometimes the templates get corrupt causing the Word application to crash.  In such cases, you may get an error message like "Microsoft Word has encountered a problem and needs to close”. The reason behind this type of behavior may be sudden power failure, virus attack, system crash or application malfunctions etc.
  • Complex nested Tables: Nested tables in MS Word are the tables inserted within an existing table. They are helpful in arranging texts, images so that you can avoid overcrowding in a page. However, more number of nested tables can corrupt the Word documents leading to precious data loss.
  • Due to Virus attack: Virus attack is one of the common reasons for Word file corruption. The computer suffers from severe data loss in a short span of time, once it is infected by virus. The Word files also get corrupted due to virus attack. The virus infected DOCX file may display .scr instead of .docx extention. Using this software you can also fix corrupt ZIPX archive after incomplete download or CRC error. To know more details, click here
  • MS Word Crash: Frequent installation of add on, software and other utilities, sometimes crash the whole Microsoft Word application. This type of situation causes severe data loss issue as well as corrupts the DOCX file in MS Word 2010. It can fix damaged MOV video files on Mac after sudden power failure or virus attack. To know more details, click here

To avoid permanent loss of the corrupt Word files, do not save any new files to the drive / partition where the corrupt files are stored.

However, File repair utility provides a complete solution to all these problems. The Software helps you to fix all types of Doc and Docx files. It fixes and restores the Word file contains like formatting, texts, OLE objects, hyperlinks etc. Damaged PPTX file repair can also be done successfully using this software. The software is compatible enough with both Windows and Mac OS X. The restored files can be saved to any desired destination after the file repair process is completed.

You can fix your valuable DOCX document using the following steps:

Step-1: Download and Install the demo version of File repair tool and launch it. After successful launching, select the damaged DOCX file using the Browse button then click on Repair to get the file repaired.

File repair Software - Select Corrupt Word document

Fig 1 : Select Corrupt Word Document

Step-2: Once the repair process is over, you can preview the repaired Word document.

File repair Software - View Repaired Word File

Fig 2 : View Repaired Word File

However, you need to follow some useful tips in order to avoid Word file corruption in the future. Update your PC with latest Antivirus program to avoid Word file corruption due to virus attack. You can use an UPS to avoid file corruption due to instant power surge.