Repair Corrupted PPT file

PowerPoint is a part of the Microsoft Office suite that is used to create professional presentation file. It has some enormous features that it may contain many types of file like document, image, audio, video, animation etc. Sometimes, you may get an error message like “PowerPoint cannot open the type of file filename.PPT” when trying to open it. It is the general sign of a corrupted PPT file, but do not be panic, if you are not able to repair that file, that means you can’t choose the appropriate application for this purpose. In the era of advanced technology there are many File Repair Software to mend PPT file easily. There are different types of reasons behind corruption of PPT, it may be sudden shut down of your system, or may be some human error. Your PPT file may be corrupted due to power failure or if you quit your work without saving. Now, we see some common reasons of PPT file corruption describing the efficiency of the File Repair tool.

Most of the times, PPT files are corrupted due to header corruption. Header of any file is vital part of the file which contains all the important information about the file and controls the accessing of that file. The reasons behind header corruption of PPT file are improper setting of the registry policy, sudden system reboots and external threats. If the registry setting is not set properly administrator may not open the file and get some error. Abrupt system reboot when PPT application is open, interrupt the saving process of PowerPoint file causing logical damage to the header of that PPT file. Header of a PPT file may also be damaged by virus infection that makes the file inaccessible. You can use antivirus to remove viruses but with the threat removal PPT file may also be deleted. Therefore, you have to use this utility to repair the PPT file in all these scenarios. This file repair software can repair corrupted PPTX files and can be best solution to recover AVI video files after round tripping very easily.

Like other applications PowerPoint tool may also be crashed then it cannot open the PPT file or it may corrupt the file. Then you can smartly use this application to fix the PowerPoint PPT or PPTX files that refused to open throwing some error messages. So many times, we get some common errors like ’cannot open file’ error, ‘HTML Import Error’ etc. but, every you can use this program to repair those PowerPoint file. The software is very efficient to fix PowerPoint 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 files that are corrupted or refused to open. Untrustworthy repair software reduces the chance of healthy recovery, so that recovered file has weak immunity and gets corrupted easily. You can repair recovered file successfully by using this link:

Round tripping is also an important reason of PPT file corruption. Round tripping is the process to save a PPT file as HTML file and reopen the HTML document in a new PowerPoint application. Other than PPT file repair it can fix corrupted document and multimmedia files easily. It is an expert tool to carry out MP4 video recovery after severe corruption. Apart from these, other reason behind PPT file corruption is automatic updating which is provided by Microsoft. The PPT file may corrupt if the updated version is not compatible to your operating system or any other interruption occurs at the time of updating. You can choose the advanced tool to repair the corrupted PPT fie in all version of Windows and Mac operating system. This application can also help you to fix other files like Word, ZIP, video etc. If you need to repair corrupted video on Mac computer, follow this link:

Steps to repair corrupted PPT file:

Step-1: Download and launch the repair tool and select the damaged PPT file using the "Browse" button then click on "Repair" to initialize the repair process.

Mend PPT File - Select Corrupted PPT File

Fig A: Select Corrupted PPT File

Step-2: After repairing, you can preview the PPT file and save on your computer.

Mend PPT File - View Repaired PPT File

Fig B: Preview PPT File