Fix Corrupted Files on Mac

How to Repair Corrupted Video Files on Mac Computer??

Although Mac is the advanced operating system, many users face the possibility of file corruption. The file gets corrupted on Mac system for a number of reasons like accidental system shutdown, virus infections, power failure and so on. It is very frustrating to lose an important file due to corruption. Let us take an example of corruption of video files like MOV, MP4 or AVI. Unable to play the video file that contains happy moments you spent with your friends is a terrible feeling. Suppose while playing your favorite video on a Mac computer, it suddenly shut down due to power failures. The next time when you try to replay the video file, it did not respond and  pop up error message notifying you about the corruption of the video file.

Your important MOV or AVI file is lost just because of power failure and you regret for not taking backup of the precious video file, but it's too late to realize. Don’t get upset!!! Never lose hope as you still have an option to repair and recover corrupted video files after the disaster unless it is not overwritten on a storage drive. File Repair Utility is there to rescue and repair your video file in a safer way without modifying the contents of the source file. When a video file gets severely damaged or broken, this repair file software turns out to be the best chance to repair truncated MOV video files or AVI video/movie file on Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion machines.

Factors accountable for corruption of MOV/MP4/AVI video files are:

  • Change of file format: Usually MOV file format is changed for some purpose or while playing them on different media players. You might use a third party tool or some incorrect manual for modifying or converting MOV file format. There are possibilities of MOV file corruption during conversion process after some errors.
  • File Transfer Errors: Abruptly removing external drive, power failures or abrupt system shutdown when MOV file transfer is in progress between a Mac computer and external drive can cause the corruption of MOV file and makes them inaccessible.   
  • Power Outages: MOV file gets damaged and refuses to play again when there is a sudden power failure while playing them in QuickTime or other media players.
  • Virus Infections: Harmful threats like viruses, malware or spyware infections to video file or storage drive can corrupt AVI video file making them inoperable all of sudden.
  • Download Errors: Generally video files are truncated or damaged while downloading it from the internet. It can be due to interruptions in downloading process due to network failures, power variations, virus attacks, etc.
  • Header Corruption: Video file (AVI) header gets corrupted when you record video on a camcorder or digital camera when it is showing low on battery or has any firmware issues. After damage to header structure, AVI video file stops responding and you cannot play such files on media player.

Fix and restore video files using file repair software:

This file repair software uses advanced algorithms to scan video file that is corrupted irrespective of the reason. So you effortlessly fix large sized, severely damaged or broken MOV, MP4 and M4V video file on Mac system. You will be able to fix corrupt AVI video along with xvid and divx file formats that play improperly or do not play at all in media player. To know more details, click here During the repair process it separates out the audio and video streams of the video file and then adjoins them to create a healthy playable video. You can use the demo version of this file repair software to repair corrupted video file and preview the video file. It will help you in evaluating the performance of this video/movie file before buying the software.

By using the Windows version of file repair tool, it is also possible to repair MOV, AVI video files on Windows operating systems. File repair software is appropriate practice to repair corrupted MP4 video files on hard drives, memory cards, USB drives and iPods in few mouse clicks. In addition to video files, this file repair has ability to repair Microsoft office files, Zip archives, RAR files, PST files on latest 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems. For an instance you can effectively repair damaged PowerPoint PPTX file and Word files created using Microsoft Office version 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000. For complete information, click here

You can repair the corrupted video files for instance MOV file using the following easy steps:

Step-1: Download and launch the demo version of File repair software on your computer Mac computer hard drive. Then select the corrupt MOV file using Browse option. Click on the Repair button once the corrupted MOV file is selected to start the MOV repair process.

Mac File Repair - Select Corrupt MOV Video file

Fig 1 : Select Corrupt MOV Video fil

Step-2: Once the repair process is over, you can preview the MOV file along with its necessary details as shown in below image..

Mac File Repair - View Repaired MOV Video

Fig 2 : View Repaired MOV Video

Note - To avoid MOV file or any video corruption in future, it is good to backup your precious file on some external storage drive. Use latest Antivirus program to avoid file corruption of drive due to virus attacks. Try to use a read only recovery tool to retrieve deleted video files.