How to repair ZIPX archive corrupt due to incomplete download

Want to fix your ZIPX archive corrupted after downloading error???

ZIPX archive is a simple and easy-to-use file encryption and compression utility for MS Windows. ZIPX can handle file extraction from 14 different types of archives starting from ZIP archive to ZOO format. It provides you with plenty of options like changing the view, adding desktop icons, setting level of compression etc. Besides all these facilities, still there exist some limitations of using ZIPX archive. If the ZIPX archive gets corrupted due to any reason, the entire archive becomes inaccessible to the user.

The most possible reason behind ZIPX archive corruption is incomplete downloading process. Consider a scenario where you have downloaded a ZIPX archive via internet that consists of some important documents. To your amazement, the ZIPX archive is not getting extracted or showing errors when trying to be extracted or accessed!!!

You may face same problem again if you try to re-download the ZIPX archive. At this point of time, you must have felt very upset and frustrated. Since the ZIPX archive contains some important files, you just cannot afford losing access to those files. Stay Calm!!! Don’t lose your patience!!!! This is because; the ZIPX archive can still be fixed using ZIPX file repair tool.

Transfer error while downloading the ZIPX archive through internet is one of the frequent ZIPX corruption scenarios. This type of error introduces invalid data into the archive due to which the ZIPX archive may show incomplete download.

Some other factors behind incomplete download process are described below:

FCS Error: File Check Sequence Error or FCS is one of the common network errors. When certain packets are transmitted, the File Sequence Check of each file allows the receiving device to determine whether the transmission is completed properly or not. If the FCS of both the end does not match with each other, then ZIPX archive will show an error while extracting it.

Third Party Software: The downloading process may be interfered by any third party software like Antivirus Scanner. If the ZIPX archive to be downloaded is severely infected by virus or any other malicious program, then the Antivirus may block the downloading process. Thus, it results in incomplete download process.

Error in Network Connection: The download process can also be interrupted due to bad internet connection resulting in ZIPX archive corruption. The downloading process can also be interfered due to malfunctioning of networking devices like routers, switches etc.

File Repair Utility will help you to fix the corrupt ZIPX archive after download error, no matter what may be the reason of file corruption. Other than download error, there are some other factors which may cause damage to the ZIPX archive. This software is capable enough to fix those corruptions also. Apart from ZIPX files, it is the best solution to repair doc files, PDF files and PowerPoint presentations corrupted / damaged on Windows operating system. In such cases, this file repair tool will help you to fix corrupt Word files on MS Word 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000. The files can also be corrupted after accidental system shutdown or instant power failure. However, file repair utility can fix corrupt PPTX files on PowerPoint 2010 and other lower versions even after sudden power failure. To know more details, click here You can evaluate the effectiveness of this software by using it to repair any other types of files also. You can repair corrupted video, ZIP, RAR files easily. To know more about vedio file repair on Mac system, use this link:

You can easily repair the corrupt ZIPX archive after incomplete download by following procedure mentioned below:

Step-1: Download and Install the trial version of File Repair Software. After successful launching, select the corrupt ZIPX archive using the Browse button then select Repair to start the file repair process.

File repair Software - Welcome Screen

Fig 1 : Welcome Screen

Step-2: Once the repair process is over, you can preview the repaired ZIPX archive.

File repair Software - Preview Repaired Files

Fiug 2 : Preview Repaired Files

To avoid ZIPX archive corruption in the future, you need to take care of the following suggestions. Update your computer with latest Antivirus scanner to avoid corruption due to virus attack. Check the internet connection and the network devices before downloading a file. Finally, the best option to avoid data loss is to backup your important files on regular basis.