Fix Truncated MOV Video File on Mac

Do you want to fix your favorite MOV file corrupt after truncation???

Then, this entire article is meant to help you out!!!

Losing access to the MOV file that contains the funny moments of the last time you spent with your friends is the worst situations you have ever met. You were just watching it on your Mac Computer to refresh your memories and your computer shut down due to sudden power outages. The next time when you logged into your computer and tried to play that MOV file, it did not respond!!! Your most important MOV file is gone just for a power failure!!! You must have blamed yourself for watching that video or not taking a backup of that video, but nothing will help you out. Everything went wrong after that power failure!!!

Stop worrying!!!! You can definitely get back your MOV video file unless it is overwritten. The video file was in play mode at the time of power failure, so it might have been truncated.  That is why you are unable to access it now. However, there is nothing to be worried about. You can use a MOV File Repair Program to fix the truncated MOV file. This software allows you to repair and restore the truncated MOV video without modifying its original contents.

The software can fix DOCX file on MS Word 2010 corrupt after virus attack or Word application crash. However, before you go though other details regarding this software, there are some other reasons behind MOV file truncation on Mac OS X. Just have a look at them, so that you can avoid occurrence of such scenarios in the future.

  • Improper recovery of deleted MOV file: The MOV file might have been truncated, in case you have used any recovery tool to restore it after deletion. Some unreliable third party utility may truncate the MOV file during the recovery process leading to MOV file corruption. So to repair recovered files, which are in partial state, you need to make use of file repair program to fix errors in MOV files.
  • Virus Attack: The MOV video file may be truncated due to virus. The deadly viruses may delete some important part of the MOV file leading to inaccessibility of that file.
  • Power failure during the file transfer process or playing the video file: The MOV file may also be truncated due to interrupted transfer process. Sudden power failure or accidental system shut down while transferring the MOV file from one device to other may truncate or corrupt the MOV file.

To increase the recovery chances of the corrupt MOV file, do not save nay new files into the drive / partition that contain the corrupt MOV files.

You can effectively repair file on Mac and recover the corrupt MOV files using MOV file repair tool.  This utility works well with the latest versions of Mac operating system like Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard etc. It uses powerful algorithm to fix and restore the MOV files despite of the severity of the corruption. Apart from MOV files on Mac, you can repair corrupt files on Windows using Windows version of this software.  The software allows you to repair corrupted ZIPX archive after download error. The ZIPX archive can be corrupt due to improper or interrupted downloading process. The software also allows you to fix corrupted PPTX files on Windows 7. You can preview the restored files after the repair process is over. If the AVI file is heavily corrupted due to codec issues,header corruption,forceful shutdown of system then use this application to learn how to repair AVI files on Windows and Mac operating system. To know more details, click here

You can repair the damaged MOV file using the following easy steps:

Step-1: Download and launch the demo version of File repair software on your computer hard drive. Then select the corrupt MOV file using Browse option. Click on the Repair button once the corrupted MOV file is selected to start the MOV repair process.

File repair Software - Select Corrupt MOV Video file

Fig 1: Select Corrupt MOV Video file

Step-2:Once the repair process is over, you can preview the MOV file along with its necessary details.

File repair Software - View Repaired MOV Video

Fig 2 : View Repaired MOV Video

To avoid MOV file corruption in future, it is really important to backup your important MOV file. Use latest Antivirus program to avoid file corruption due to virus attack. Try to use a read only recovery tool to retrieve deleted files.