Lost access to your important PPTX file on PowerPoint 2010???

You woke up early in the morning to give the final touch to the PPTX presentation file on PowerPoint 2010 which you have worked since last week. But what you have witnessed after logging into your computer was beyond your imagination!!!!! You could not access the PPTX file properly!!! Even if you are successful in opening it, still the text, images and animations are not in the way as you have designed. You were totally numb for a few seconds, then you gather yourself and tried to remember what might have happened to the PPTX file, but you could not recall anything like that. The presentation, on which you worked so much, is gone!!! And the worst thing is that, you do not have backup also.

Don’t worry!!! You are going to get back your precious PPTX presentation file without recreating it. All this is possible with the emergence of PowerPoint file repair software. The PPTX file may be inaccessible due to corruption. However, this software that we are recommending can fix all sorts of corruption no matter what is the reason behind it. It is a complete read only tool that does not affect the original content of the corrupt PPTX during the repair procedure. Thus, ensures 100% safe and risk free file repair process. There are chances when the video files on the computer will get damaged. If you have corrupt video files then you can try out the build of the software to fix video file.

However, you need to be familiar about some scenarios where the PPTX files are likely to be corrupted.

Virus Infection: If your computer or the storage device which has the PPTX presentation file is virus infected, then it could have affected the PowerPoint file causing corruption. Viruses like Macro virus can delete or corrupt some important part of the PPTX file (for e.g. PPT header), resulting in inaccessibility of it. Sometimes, the corruption caused by the virus becomes so severe that it could not be resolved by the antivirus scanner. In such cases, you need to use File Repair Software to fix damaged file. To know more details, click here http://www.filerepairsoftware.com/repairing-damaged.html.

Interrupted transfer process: While transferring the PPTX file from one device to another, if the transfer process is interrupted due to some reason, then the PPTX file may become corrupt. The transfer process may be interrupted due to sudden power failure or common user mistakes. It enables you to repair MOV video files on Mac corrupted. To know more details , click here http://www.filerepairsoftware.com/fix-truncated-mov-video-file-on-mac.html.

Improper System Shutdown: If you have switched off the computer directly from the power button in a hurry, then it might have affected the PPTX files stored on the hard drive of the computer. The PowerPoint presentation files stored in the hard drive might have been corrupted due to the improper system shutdown.

Operating System Corruption: If the operating system gets corrupted due to any reason, then it might be possible that the PPTX files including all other applications may become inaccessible to the user. To know more details to repair Zipx archive file corrupt due to incomplete download. Click here http://www.filerepairsoftware.com/how-to-repair-zipx-archive-corrupt-due-to-incomplete-download.html.

However, you can easily repair your important PPTX files using file repair utility, despite of the severity of the corruption. The exclusive features of this software will help you to fix all the corruption of the presentation file on PowerPoint 2010. The software can also repair Microsoft 2010 Word files corrupted after MS Word crashed due to frequent installation of add-ins. Files can also damage while sharing them over a network or downloading from the emails. In such scenarios, this software can easily fix ZIPX archive damaged after incomplete download due to error in network connection or virus attack. This software is available for Windows and Mac users as well. Other than PPTX files, this application can also fix PPT and PPS files which refuse to open due to corruption. It has an ability to fix Windows files like ZIP, RAR, Word, PowerPoint presentations that are corrupted due to virus attack, header corruption, incomplete download on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and 2008. You can check the effectiveness of this software by using its demo version. You can even preview the files after repair process before saving them actually.

The following steps will help you to effectively repair the corrupt PPTX presentation files:

Step-1: Download and Install the trial version of File Repair Program. After successful launching, select the damaged PPTX file with the help of Browse button then choose Repair to initiate the file repair process.

File repair Software - Main Screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen

Step-2: After the repair process is completed, you can preview the PPTX file along with its original detail.

File repair Software - View Repaired File

Fig 2 : View Repaired File

To prevent the PPTX files from getting corrupted in the future, here are some useful tips mentioned below.

Install latest Antivirus software in your computer, to avoid PPTX file corruption. Use a UPS on your computer to avoid accidental system shutdown due to sudden power failure. Backup your PPTX files on a regular basis so that you can restore them from the backup files if the PPTX files are corrupted.