Repair File After Recovery

Software to fix file after improper files recovery is performed

As a computer user you would have saved a variety of text files and multimedia files on your hard drive or some external storage drive. Unfortunately, accidentally deleting or losing these files from storage drive due to human or technical errors have become a common issue these days. However, you can use any third party file recovery utility available over the internet for recovering your deleted, lost or missing files from storage drive. Initially all files will recover and everything seems fine. However, in some cases when you try to attempt to open and access data from recovered file, they may refuse to open or display some error messages or even if it opens, you see some strange characters in file. You will wonder thinking what caused this problem.

If the file opens to fail despite your efforts to open it, then you need to understand that the file is corrupted on account of some logical blunders. So how to repair files which is incompletely recovered after using an ineffective file recovery program? No need to worry even if you haven’t backed up your important files recently… Fortunately damaged files are almost repaired by using best professional software to fix files that won’t open or shows abnormal behavior. Here is an expert suggested file repair tool that is read-only, easy to use and repairs corrupted files in a secure way without damaging them.

Causes for the corruption of files after the recovery process are:

  • Use of inefficient file recovery software to recover deleted or lost files
  • Application malfunction or system crash
  • File header corruption due to virus infection
  • Faults in hardware/software
  • Bad sectors on storage drive
  • CRC errors while downloading files
  • Power failures or interruptions during the file recovery process

If you do not have the copy of the corrupted files, then don’t worry, you can repair errors in corrupted file using file repair software. If you are in search of how to repair corrupt PowerPoint presentation file or damaged Word document, then this tool is more accurate choice to fix PPT, PPTX, DOC and DOCX files formats on Windows OS.

Benefits of using file repair software

  • The file repair software uses powerful designed algorithms to repair corrupted, damaged or broken files effortlessly.
  • The software has a user friendly interface using which any novice can easily repair the corrupted files that refuse to open successfully.
  • During the repair process, it only reads from a source file, repairs the content and creates a new file to save the repaired file. So it does not alter the structure of source during the repair process.
  • Quite Easily perform Windows file repair software by various industry experts to accompany you in repairing PowerPoint files, Word files, Zip archives, RAR archives, etc on Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.
  • Moreover, using file repair software you can also fix damaged video files such as MOV, MP4 and  AVI that plays improperly or do not play at all in media player on Windows OS. To know more details, click here
  • In addition to Windows, it will also support repairing truncated MOV and MP4 files on Mac computers having latest Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion operating systems.

Finally as files are very important and are sensitive to corruption, you need to take some precautions to keep the files free from any damage. You can follow the below mentioned points to avoid file corruption and data loss in the future:

  • Make use of updated anti-virus program to scan the corrupted storage drive in order to remove viruses.
  • Always keep a backup of important files on any healthy storage media.
  • Check whether the files are infected by virus before compressing them to the Zip or RAR archive before transferring over the internets.