Tool to Repair Files

  • File Repair Software can efficiently repair corrupt PST file created on Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016
  • Repair Microsoft Word 2010 DOCX document which refuses to open due to a corruption issue
  • Advanced tool to execute damaged PowerPoint PPTX presentation repair to recover text, OLE objects, hyperlinks, etc. from corrupt PowerPoint presentation file
  • File Repair Software safely and successfully repair Zip & Zipx files which get corrupted due to CRC error or other corruption issues
  • This award-winning application can efficiently fix AVI files on both Windows and Mac operating system
  • Competently repair severely damaged RAR files which are highly encrypted and password protected
  • File Repair Software quickly fix truncated MOV video file on Mac including MP4, M4V multimedia files that are not playable on QuickTime

Synopsis of file corruption issues are as follows:

Zip & Zipx file

Virus attack: If you are sharing or downloading any file via internet then there is more probability that your file may get corrupted due to virus attack. Your file will become orphaned after this.

Interruption during downloading: Any kind of interruption such as power failure, system shut down, internet issues takes place at the time when you are downloading Zip file can corrupt your file

CRC corruption: CRC error is an indication that some data in your Zipx file is damaged severely. CRC means Cyclic Redundancy Check. It calculates the CRC value of every new file that has been added to the Zip archive and similarly on that calculation basis it compares the CRC value of the same file when it gets extracted. If there is any difference occurs between these two CRC values and if it does not match with each other then WinZip will display CRC error.

DOC & DOCX file

Round Tripping: It means, if you convert Word file from one format to another and back again to the original format may corrupt it, which then makes that specific Word file inaccessible. To know more details regarding how to repair damaged Word 2010 Docx file, click here

Errors while opening the Word document: If you are not able to access your Word document and receiving an error message stating that “Document name or path is not valid”, then it is clear that your file has been corrupted

Macro virus attack: A macro virus acts like a conventional computer virus and takes advantage of Word’s structure and functionality in order to replicate and trigger when certain events occur. Most of the macro viruses change the title bar of Microsoft Word application like from Microsoft Word to Microsoft Word. This will change the file structure of your Word document due to which your Word file will become inaccessible


Using unreliable recovery software: Unreliable recovery software reduces the chances of healthy recovery due to which the recovered files have the weak immunity and gets corrupted easily. In such cases, you can fix file after recovery by using this file repair software on Windows PC.

Header corruption: Header corruption takes place when your system abnormally shuts down at the time when you are working on particular PPT file or after unsuccessful recovery of the deleted file. To know more details to repair damaged PPTX file, click here

Abrupt system shut down: If your system shuts down abnormally at the time when your PPT file is in active mode or when you are editing or saving any PowerPoint presentation file then there are chances that your file may get corrupted. System hardware problem, continuous power fluctuation, virus attack is the most prominent reasons which are accountable for abrupt system shut down

RAR file

CRC Error: CRC error is the main reason behind RAR file corruption. This type of error arises while the rotating checksum of the entire RAR file doesn’t match with each other before and after unzipping of the file

Download error: If any kind of error takes place at the time downloading the RAR file can make it corrupt. Incomplete download or interruptions like power failure, system failure, virus attack, etc. can also be other reasons for RAR file corruption

Disk Error: If your system’s hard disk has any kind of problem or it is unable to perform write operation successfully then it’ll corrupt the RAR file by showing RAR error

MOV file

Abruptly removing external storage device: If you abruptly remove external storage device at the time when your MOV files are getting transferred then there are chances that your file may get corrupted. In addition to this, the file will get transferred partially due to which the file structure gets damaged. For complete information to repair damaged MOV file on Mac, click here

Modifying file extension: Your file may get corrupted if the modifying technique is not appropriate. Generally, there are two ways of modifying or converting MOV file format such as using third-party application and using the manual method. In both the cases if something goes wrong, then there are chances that your MOV file may get damaged

Power surge: Sudden power surge is a frustrating situation. Your MOV file gets corrupted and refuses to open after a sudden power surge. This happens only when your file is in active mode and power goes off suddenly

PST file

Storing PST file on a network driver or server: PST file is not meant for storing on network driver or server. If you store it to any remote driver or server which is not compatible to a particular network environment in order to access PST file then in that case, your PST file will get corrupted

Operating a large number of e-mails together: MS Outlook gets impasse if you open a large number of e-mails at one particular point in time. As soon as it gets dead-lock your system will shut down abnormally due to which PST file gets corrupted

Increasing standard size limit of your PST file: MS Outlook versions have the different size limit for storing and accommodating PST and OST file. Outlook 2003 and 2007 has a 20GB size limit for storing PST and OST file, whereas, Outlook 2010 has a 50GB space available for storing PST and OST file. If the size of the file exceeds the standard size of a particular Outlook version then the PST file will get corrupted


Abrupt system shut down: Improper system shut down due to power failure or power surge when the AVI file is in play mode results in forceful closure of program and the header of AVI file gets corrupted so the file becomes unplayable on any media player.

Virus attack: If you do not have a proper antivirus program installed on your PC then virus cripples in to the system infect and damage all the files stored on the system along with avi files. To know more details regarding how to repair damaged AVI files, click here

Incomplete Download: Interruption while downloading the avi files from the internet due to network error, sudden power failure, application crash results in incomplete download leading to avi file corruption.

Essential immediate precautionary steps that needed to be taken are:

  • If your PPTX presentation file gets corrupted then the first thing you need to do is click on the Open button and select Open and repair option in order to fix the problem and to regain the access of PPT file
  • If your PST file gets corrupted then you must use inbuilt inbox repair tool of MS Outlook application. This will repair the minor corruption issues and protect your file from further damage
  • If your Zipx and RAR file gets corrupted due to interrupted downloading process then you must download it again in order to receive healthy ZIPX and RAR file
  • It will show you how to repair ZIPX archive corrupt due to incomplete download in few easy steps

Even after this if you are unable to repair any of your files then you must use the file repair software. Our software is the best and smartest among all other file repairing utilities. Our file repairing software has distinct and unique features due to which it is popular across all over the world

Attention-grabbing features of our File Repair Software are:

In case of Zipx and RAR file

  • This software can resolve the issue of CRC error with utmost ease
  • File Repair Software can easily repair corrupted Zip and RAR files after header corruption
  • It can quickly repair corrupted Zip and RAR files which are more than 4GB in size

In case of DOC and DOCX file

  • Its powerful repair engine repairs highly encrypted and password protected Word document
  • During repairing process, it also recovers images, hyperlinks, charts, bullet lists, fields, etc. from corrupted Word document
  • File Repair Software is a read-only software which ensures the safety of the original Word document by creating new Microsoft Word file

In case of PPT PowerPoint presentation file

  • Safely and successfully it repairs severely damaged PPT PowerPoint presentation file
  • It also recovers text, sound effects, animations, OLE objects, formatting, images, hyperlinks, etc. from corrupt PPT files during the repair process
  • Restore actual presentation headers and footers of corrupted PPT presentation file

In case of MOV, MP4, M4V multimedia file

  • File Repair Software can quickly repair large sized corrupt MOV, MP4, and M4V video file with utmost ease
  • It repairs MOV video files that are truncated by the camera due to faulty firmware
  • It separately repairs audio and video streams of a video file and after repairing it adjoins it together in order to create a playable video
  • Using this Mac file repair software you can also fix and restore AVI video file on Mac OS X Sierra, El Capitan, Mavericks, Yosemite,Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion machines

In case of PST file

  • It repairs oversized PST file without damaging the file structure of the file
  • File Repair Software is capable of repairing highly encrypted and password protected PST file
  • It generates a new PST file in Outlook 2003-2016 format which can be stored in place of the corrupt PST file

In case of AVI file

  • It repairs avi, xvid and divx files.
  • Fixed files are compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system.
  • Fixes and adjoins the audio and video data stream side by side.

File corruption rescuing measures for future perspective is stated below:

  • Properly check network connectivity in order to avoid any network problem during transfer process or downloading process
  • Never use unreliable and inappropriate third-party application for zipping and unzipping Zipx archives, RAR file or for editing header of any file
  • Always remove any external storage device by properly quitting the application. Never try to remove it in between when the file is getting transferred from your system to the multimedia storage device or vice versa
  • Try to open a smaller number of e-mails at one particular time instead of accessing a larger number of emails together at the same time
  • Improper installation of MS Word application can be a reason for Word file corruption. Therefore, always keep an eye when this application is getting installed onto your system

Recent Updates

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